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Dr. Eva Fogelman wearing a green jacket. Photo by Iris Nelson.
Dr. Eva Fogelman. Photo by Iris Nelson.

Dr. Eva Fogelman is a pioneer in the field of group therapy for multi-generational Holocaust survivors. She is a psychologist in private practice in New York City who specializes in treating generations of the Holocaust and related historical traumas. She also treats families with various problems including infertility, multi-generational family businesses, grief, and other traumas.


Dr. Fogelman is also a social psychologist and has done research on post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological impacts of the Holocaust on survivors, child survivors, second and third generation descendants of survivors; her research has also focused on morality, altruism, persecution, and coping with extreme conditions of terror including sexual abuse. Her expertise is assisting couples and families in complicated relationships.


She is currently working on a book titled , "Living with Ghosts: Post-Holocaust Generations Mourn" and ongoing research with Peace Sullivan on the "transference trap".

See the "Blog" tab for free access to published articles on the following topics:


-Aging Holocaust Survivors

-Second Generation of Holocaust Survivors

-Third Generation of Holocaust Survivors

-Sexual Abuse

-Holocaust Child Survivors

-Rescuers During the Holocaust

-Transference Trap in Relationships

Eva Fogelman was featured in an article on about rape during the Holocaust. The article can be found at:

"Through a Lens Darkly: Transference in Today's Marriage" by
Eva Fogelman and Peace Sullivan,
published in Clio's Psyche: Symposium and Special Issue on the
Psychology of the Changing American Family, Volume 17,
Number 4, March 2011. To order a copy, contact the
Psychohistory Forum (